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Meet the Pastor

George Lyman

(928) 444-0977


Hello, I am Pastor George Lyman.  I have been serving Desert Shores Community Baptist Church (DSCBC) since January of 2003.  I answered the call to ministry in August of 2001 and I have been blessed to serve God in many ways since that time. 

My call to ministry was preceded by service as a Probation Officer for Mohave County for 17 years.  I graduated from Grand Canyon (College) University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  I graduated one week and got married to my beloved wife Martha a week later.  We have two adult children and four grandchildren, with hopefully a few more on the way one day.

After I answered the call to serve as Pastor of DSCBC I felt called to continue my education and I enrolled in seminary at Gateway, formerly Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.  After 8 years of travel, classes, ministry, and effort, I graduated in 2013.  I was amazed at how the classes fit the situation that the church was struggling with or I needed to improve on.  I was grateful for fellow students, mentors, associational leaders and fellow pastors who supported me.  I was blessed to learn and grow.

I believe in servant leadership.  I am the pastor, but I am also called to minister and serve those in my congregation.  I teach from the bible in an expositional manner, verse by verse and I try to help those I serve apply it in service to the Lord.

I believe in our purpose statement , and I will do all I can to share the love of Jesus and help those whom I serve grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.